Dr. Samuel R. Chand

Dear Friend,

I was a nineteen year old son of a Pastor in India when I heard about what was then known as Beulah Heights Bible College (BHBC). I was able to come to BHBC due to the generosity of Bob & Vivian Stinebaugh of Pasadena, CA who financially underwrote my education. I arrived at BHBC in August of 1973, graduated in 1977, married my wife Brenda (who was a colleague at BHBC) in 1979, Pastored in Michigan and returned to BHBC to serve as President (1989-2003).

Isn’t it crazy that much of my life can be distilled to a short paragraph above and a few dates?

However, when our lives are attached to something bigger than us—an institution like Beulah Heights University—then the first paragraph becomes meaningful and consequential.

Since 1918 when Beulah Heights was founded to today in 2018 when we celebrate her Centennial, many dates and events have come and gone. However, those dates and events represent people—people like you and me.

One Hundred Years of people like us continue to make a difference in all all facets of life—senior organizational leaders to homemakers—everyone changing lives because their lives were touched and changed at Beulah Heights.

My life, your life and lives of countless thousands have been transformed by BHU.

This gives us the awesome opportunity to say Thank You to BHU.

Remember the question Jesus asked of the one Samaritan former leper who came to say thank you? “…Were there not ten cleansed? But where are the nine?”

In our case, let’s all return to say Thank You.

Gestures of giving back to BHU and saying Thank You will differ for each of us…but we all can say Thank You.

Thank You!

Sam Chand